Let’s enchant the world


We are storytellers. Stories of gods, stories of the heavens, stories of dreams, stories of the earth, stories of us. To enchant the world is also to chant.

We are eternal students. We know we will never know everything – but that doesn’t stop us from trying.

We are mutable. We like enchanted beings. We like the wolf that howls and the man that runs and we know that often they are one and the same. And we can be as fated as the fae.


We are humans: Our project only makes sense if it’s built on relationships – amongst ourselves and others. We don’t believe in borders and we know that each person who joins in our path can contribute to the edification of a community that is human, brave, vulnerable, and resilient when facing challenges. Community is our watchword. Community of people and community of gods, all can find their place at Duranki.

We are part of the sky: We turn to the skies in order to turn into ourselves. But the immensity of the sky teaches us that there are always new frontiers to explore and that, at the same time, there is no final destination. Infinite implies eternal change. Let us then be guided by the stars because destiny is made of the dust of the universe.

We are part of the earth: We believe that the earth has a soul and we want to create a relationship with this soul. We look to the heavens with our roots in the earth. And it’s through these roots that we receive the necessary nutrients to survive in this world. There is no sky without the earth – there are no people without the earth. The earth belongs to us all and we are all of the earth (but mud, that belongs to Nanã.)