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Here you can find texts or essays that I have written on the subject of astrology, religion and spirituality

She Who of the Gods and Mortals Knows the Most

This document contains my Master’s dissertation. It is a text that briefly covers some important problematics in the history of astrology and aims to provide the adequate philosophical approach to astrological lore and techniques. Furthermore, it tries to sketch possible guidelines for the teaching of astrology.

Giving Shape to Dreams

In this essay, I discuss the creation of an artistic project using my own dreams and I try to contextualise it within certain dream work traditions, in particular that of James Hillman.

Hestia’s Throne

In this essay, I make an autoethnographic analysis of the learning journal I produced during my studies at the MA in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred.

The UFO as Daimon

In this essay, I attempt to relate the UFO phenomenon and the literature around it with ancient Neoplatonic ideas (both pagan and Christian), and in particular with the controversial figure of the Daimon.

Response to Cicero’s On Divination

In this essay, I sketch an answer to Cicero’s famous critique of divination (and astrology). For this, I adopt the classical dialogue format and I try to answer him using both ancient and modern arguments.

Imagination and Theurgy

In this essay, I relate the ancient practice of Theurgy with the theories of prominent thinkers of the imagination like Carl Jung, James Hillman and Henry Corbin.

The Paranormal as Text

In this essay, I sketch one possible methodology scholars of religion could apply to the paranormal.