Dream Group

Dur-an-ki is a Sumerian word that describes the space where the sky and earth meet. Our dream group is our first project with the purpose of achieving this coming together of the earth and sky, sacred and teluric, material and immaterial.

Dream Group

Fee: 100£

Reduced fee part-time/freelancers: £75

Reduced fee students/unemployed: £50

Dream Retreat

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Dream groups are spaces that allow several people to share and explore their dreams in a safe and intimate space. In our society we usually associate dream work with psychology, but there are actually dream groups that are organised by all sorts of people for different reasons.

Our group’s approach is spiritual and tries to understand what Jung called “the moral demand of the symbol”. That is, more than understanding what dreams mean, it is important to understand what the dream asks of us.

The interpretation of dreams was a matter of great importance in the ancient peoples of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Some of the oldest texts we have access to, like the Epic of Gilgamesh, show people who purposely misinterpret dreams suffer grave consequences. Plutarch’s Life of Caesar is another such text, where Caesar’s death is included in the context of him ignoring his wife’s premonitory dream.

To understand a dream is, ultimately, to enter in a dialogue with an image. That image has its own reality and integrity, something it wants to transmit. Dream groups are spaces where we attempt to give voice to those images.

One of the main objectives of this group is to make use of different dream techniques that are appropriate for a spiritual context, outside the realm of psychology, to bring depth to the relationship between the dream and the dreamer. The group will be managed by Jo Feijó, Niara Martins and Simão Cortês.

There are ten places available in the dream group. There will be a weekly meeting though Zoom, on Mondays from 7:30 to 9.

We will try to make a fair distribution of speaking time between participants, but it is impossible to guarantee everyone will share a dream each week. We will give our best to strike a balance between different people’s participation, however there’s always the possibility of scheduling individual sessions with Jo, Simão or Niara.

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