Dur-an-ki is a Sumerian word that describes the space where the sky and earth meet. Our dream group is our first project with the purpose of achieving this coming together of the earth and sky, sacred and teluric, material and immaterial.

Solo Dreamwork Course

7/14/21 December 2021

7.30 pm – 9.30 pm

Fee: £45

Reduced fee for unemployed: £30

An empowering online course providing the tools to establish a deep and transformative relationship with your own dream world.

Have you ever wondered what your dreams might be saying?

How to ask them questions?

How to draw real life changing conclusions?

Dreams are powerful sources of subconscious knowledge, hoping to wake us up to our learned patterns and escape our toxic and damaging behaviours.

Solo dreamwork is a practical course giving you what you need to try to understand what your subconscious is trying to communicate, and draw practical conclusions that help change toxic behaviours and make tough life decision.

This course will provide you with the knowledge and tools to identify dream messages, interpret them, and enact the necessary action in real life. All using the dream language of emotion, symbol and space!

During this 3 session course you will learn:

-how to develop your dream recall;

-how to ask for guidance from your dreams;

-how to interpret dreams and speak their language;

-how to communicate with dreams through action, visualisation, ritual and art;

-how to establish ongoing relations with your recurring dream characters learning from they knowledge.

This course is for people of all levels who would like to know themselves better and harness the full power that rests within their subconscious.

Schedule: Tuesdays, 7, 14 and 21 December, 7.30 pm

Duration: 2 hours per session

Price for 3 sessions:

Full Price – £45

Discount Price (unemployed or low income) – £30

About the Facilitator:

Jo Feijó (he/she) is a dream practitioner specialising in fostering a creative relationship to your own symbolic world.

He started studying dreams in their early teens from the self taught perspective of indiscriminately reading any book about the subject. Slowly becoming more serious, Jo opens her first public dream group, a casual night of dream sharing with friends. It is within this context that she start exploring with different techniques including laying the groundwork for their work in creative dreaming.

Their latest project The Real Land of Dream, supported by Union arts and the Paul Hamlyn foundation, explores the unexplained connections between the dream world and the waking world and the effects of creative action in the symbolic realm.

Jo is graduate of the DSGP course by the International Association for the Study of Dreams and is pursuing further training as an Embodiment practitioner from the Cyber dreamwork group.