Jo Feijó is a dream practitioner specializing in fostering a creative relationship to your own symbolic world.

They started studying dreams in their early teens from the self taught perspective of indiscriminately reading any book about the subject. Slowly becoming more serious, Jo opens their first public dream group, a casual night of dream sharing with friends. It is within this context that they start exploring with different techniques including laying the groundwork for their work in creative dreaming. 

Their latest project The Real Land of Dream supported by Union arts and the Paul Hamlyn foundation, explores the unexplained connections between the dream world and the waking world and the effects of creative action in the symbolic realm. 

Along with their dream work practice Jo is a theatre maker drawing from old stories (myths, fables, folk tales) and mixing them with our own personal modern tales, both from our waking and sleeping lives. 

Jo is currently pursuing a diploma with the International Association for the Study of Dreams as well as further Embodiment training from the Cyber dreamwork platform.

From the clients:

Sessions with Jo were illuminating in an otherwise dreary period – John, 28, software developer 

The time I’ve spent with Jo has allowed me to explore my personal dream code and examine recurring dream imagery in a therapeutic way. – Ellen, 30, writer

I’ve been surprised at how intuitively they work and how tangible the results have been already!” – Saskia, 22, Copywriter

Having picked what seemed like a relatively short and unrelated dream, I am astounded by the interlacing of it’s themes throughout my waking life (…) I am hugely thankful for Jo’s support throughout this work as it has provided insight and ability to open doors within my own life.- Henry, 25, veterinary student

Jo offers a space I feel safely held in , where we can enquire in the meaning and understanding of my dreams and the overlap into my not-asleep-life – River, 25, herbal medicine student