Astrology Services

Astrology – What is it?

Astrology is an ancient technique that helps the practitioner and client to understand the world through symbolism in the sky. There are several ways of practicing astrology, but in the end it is always a way of seeing and looking at our lives and our context through a rich simbolic language that helps us find new perspectives to our situation.

It is hard to say when exactly did astrology, as we practice it today, first appeared. Some of its simbolism preceeds the invention of writing. However, the basic tennets of the tradition to which we still have access today have been established in Ancient Greece. Its current popularity shows how relevant and fesh this simbolic language is.

In an astrological consultation, the astrologer reads a map that represents the sky at the moment the client was born and relates the simbology of the skies to the simbology in the client’s life. Usually the astrologer starts by doing a generalist description of the most important aspects in the chart and then, in dialogue with the client, expand the relevant themes and come up with astrological based strategies for a more balanced life.

An astrology consultation is an opportunity to look at our lives through this ancient simbology in order to try to create a more nuanced understanding of the themes and events that compose our existence.

Natal Astrology

This consultation lasts for 90 minutes. During this time I will examine the main dynamics in the client’s life, growth areas, and strategies to deal with challenges. This analysis is made by reading the chart of the moment of birth of the client.

The consultation’s structure is the following: at first I will review the main characteristics, strenghts and challenges of the client according to the map. On a second stage the client will tell me what they identified with, talk about their lives and ask for advice. Lastly, I make a brief analysis of the transits for the year in question, giving advice regarding the periods that will be more auspicious for the client’s projects.

The consultation can be online via zoom or in Canterbury.


The sinastry consultation lasts 90 minutes. Synastry is an astrological technique that analyses how the natal charts of two people work together. It has a a purpose to identify the compatibilities or challenges in the relationship. It also helps to further their mutual understanding through the expantion of their knowledge of their own natal chart.

The synastry consultation can be individual or as a couple, as long as the birth date of both are provided.

The consultation can be online via zoom or in Canterbury.

Horary Astrology

In a horary astrology consultation the client will ask a concrete question. The question needs to be formulated as clearly as possible. It usually isn’t necessary for the consultation to happen in person, the answer and astrological analysis will be sent in a PDF. The querent does not need to know astrology, but the analysis is sent in case there are future queries regarding the horary.

Horary astrology works best with questions where the querent seeks advice on how to act in a especific situation.

Other Services

Consultation with Dona Maria Mulambo tarot deck with Niara Martins

The Dona Maria Mulambo is a tarot deck that was created by a brazilian Medium, Sônia Boechat, by the request of her spirit guide.

The Dona Maria Mulambo tarot deck is poweful divinatory tool that connects the querent to their spirit guides, in order to shine a light in their material, mental, and spiritual paths.

£25 for three questios, limited to one hour per consultation.